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Engage Your Students in a World of Discovery

What We Do

Our focus is on fun and hands-on engagement; we like to draw large numbers of volunteers to get directly involved with the demonstrations. We can tailor class times for your schedule, but the average class time is an hour. We can customize the vocabulary and concepts presented appropriately for the group age range.

Safety is always the most important concept demonstrated !


To discover is to reveal the unknown. Using fun hands-on experiments , we'll help break down barriers between unfamiliar and imagined.

After trying something new, one student said,

"I never thought of being a scientist before!"


To discover is to search and examine the fascinating, making note of what is found. We'll provide entertaining experiences harnessing students' intrinsic motivations to comprehend the natural world around themselves.


To discover is to remember what is observed. Using engaging demonstrations we'll joyfully associate science concepts with grade-appropriate vocabulary to improve student understanding, retention, and familiarity.

Our Instructor

Scott Douglas holds degrees in Theater Arts from Oklahoma City Community College and Elementary Education from the University of Oklahoma. Scott honed his skills during five seasons of summer stock at Lyric Theater of Oklahoma; he began his teaching career at Science Museum Oklahoma. After working for industry leaders in Chicagoland and New York City, in 2013 Scott joined The Science Alliance, performing programs for the Chicago Public Library System, S.C. Johnson, Girl Scouts of America, many county fairs and hundreds of schools, libraries and churches in a dozen U.S. states. In late 2017 Scott relocated back to Oklahoma to serve as caregiver to his mom, but in 2019 returned to the Chicago area after creating Discover Science Assemblies LLC. Performing is his passion; he lives to perform shows from Arizona to New Jersey, from Minnesota to Texas.

Discover Chemistry

Discover States of Matter

In this fast paced show aimed primarily at younger students, our presenter will lead the group through activities involving physical changes: Experiments using dry ice and liquid nitrogen will be used to demonstrate freezing, evaporation, melting, sublimation, and condensation. Students will see demonstration correlating temperature with volume, and experience dissolved substances reacting after evaporation. (60 minutes, 60 volunteers)

Discover Chemical Reactions

This engaging hour involves slime, bouncy balls, flame, explosions and eruptions. The group will see volunteers safely mix varied reagents in order to demonstrate a spectrum of chemical reactions. The students will leave understanding the difference between a physical change and a chemical change. Activities may vary depending on the age group. (60 minutes, 70 volunteers)

Discover Physics

Discover Forces and Motion

This interactive presentation will give students hands-on introduction to basic physical concepts including gravity, inertia and momentum. We will take on understanding the close relationship between physics and simple mathematical concepts like numeration, measurement and equation. Your students will interact with experiments testing Bernoulli’s Principle. Finally, we’ll test Isaac Newton’s three laws of gravity.

(60 minutes, 60 volunteers)

Discover Waves and Energy

This “shocking” spectacle will help students comprehend how energy is transferred from place to place and since energy can neither be created or destroyed, transformed from one type to another. Demonstrations will differentiate potential and kinetic energy. Students will create and observe a living chart describing where energy comes from and how humans can utilize it. Students will create a rudimentary battery and demonstrate to other students how static electricity can be released.

(60 minutes, 60 volunteers)